5 Features Of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

By Published On: November 13, 20161.8 min read

Do you want to maximize your return on investment for your windows, especially for a window replacement project? You should know what makes a window energy efficient. Replacement windows increase the energy efficiency of your existing windows. However, you should know about the features of energy efficient replacement windows before you buy them, as all the replacement windows are not created equally. The best energy efficient replacement windows are vinyl windows. The features of energy efficient windows are:

  1. Low-E

Low-E glass coating is the primary reason or the most important feature of energy efficient windows which improves the energy efficiency of a window. Low-E is the reflective coating that is put on the glass inside the window. It reflects the sun on the exterior to keep the heat out in the summer season and reflects the interior heat back into the house during the winter season. This keeps your home warm naturally. Additionally, Low-E keeps the harmful UV rays out that fade the walls, curtains, and furniture.

  1. Argon gas

Argon gas helps to maximize the energy efficiency of replacement windows. The area between the glass is filled with argon gas. This increases the insulated value of glass thereby increasing its energy efficiency.

  1. Spacers

Intercept spacers are the key components in the performance of energy efficient replacement windows. They hold and seal the double and triple pane insulated glass together. These spacers help in reducing the condensation problems around the perimeter of the insulated glass.

  1. Interlocking meeting rail

This feature is specific to double hung and gliding vinyl windows. These windows have an interlocking meeting rail that does a great job of keeping out drafts and reducing condensation problems. This is a very important feature to consider when buying replacement windows.

  1. Weather stripping

Weather stripping helps block the air and water infiltration. The replacement windows have weather stripping all around the edges of the sashes where it meets the master frame of the window.

These features make replacement windows more energy efficient than the other normal windows. Replacing your old windows with these new ones can help you save a lot on heating and cooling costs. Also, installing replacement vinyl windows is not going to be expensive.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

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