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Egress windows serve multiple functions. They add aesthetic value and essential as emergency exits, in case of a fire.

There are specific size considerations for Egress windows. These windows have to be large enough in size so that a person can easily escape the house. These windows enable firemen to get in the house during emergencies as well. Alberta building codes require egress windows in basement bedrooms.

The Egress windows need to be operable from inside without the use of any keys or special tools. For protection and security, bars or grills can be installed but they too should be easy to open from inside, without the use of any special tools or keys.

The installation process of Egress windows should meet some special requirements. As the bedroom and the Egress windows in your basement are below ground level, you have to ensure that the windows open fully without any obstruction. Deeper windows should have a ladder attached so that you can get out easily during emergencies.

We have the capability to cut concrete walls for new windows as well as basement window enlargements so that basement bedrooms meet fire code.

Our professional replacement window installers follow all Alberta building codes and regulations. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

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EconoShield offers energy-efficient windows with double and triple-pane options to ensure your home is protected in all seasons. All our installers are bonded, licensed and insured to give you peace of mind and safety protection.

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