Sliding Patio Doors

Our vinyl Thermo sliding doors, available in both 7000 and 6000 models, seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, decorative accents, robust performance, and unwavering durability. Designed to offer years of maintenance-free operation, these doors are ideal for both new home constructions and renovation endeavours.

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Workmanship Guarantee

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Lifetime Guarantee

Rest assured with our lifetime warranty, ensuring enduring excellence

Standard Features


Embedded with a resilient recessed laminated steel lock, our doors assure robust security complemented by a lifetime replacement guarantee, instilling peace of mind in the enduring protection of your home

Energy Efficiency

Featuring Low-E with Argon gas thermal units, our doors are designed for energy efficiency, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment


Our sliding patio doors, crafted with maintenance-free extruded vinyl and no wood members to warp, split, or rot, ensure long-lasting durability and minimal upkeep over time


Featuring customizable left or right operating configurations and complemented by a standard stylish handle, our doors offer a personalized touch with a wide selection of Prestige Handle Upgrades, allowing you to tailor your space to your unique aesthetic preferences

Optional Features

Opt for the optional internal Mini Blinds with Tilt and Lift system, along with optional decorative grills, to enhance privacy, control natural light, and seamlessly integrate additional decorative elements into the door design

Ultimate Weatherproofing

Equipped with triple weather seals and an exterior sliding screen, our doors provide superior protection against the elements, keeping your home comfortable and secure

R7000 Series

Designed to meet the demands of consumers, architects and project consultants. The 7000 Series introduces a high-end, welded wide sash sliding patio door system. They combine the aesthetic elements of a French door with the durability and longevity one has come to expect from a door constructed with high quality vinyl. It’s perfect for new home construction or renovation projects.

The 7000 Series is designed with many benefits providing our customers with colour and finish flexibility like never before; in addition, providing a quick turnaround with reduced production lead times. The 7000 Series like its predecessor the 6000 Series, will provide excellent thermal performance and trouble free operation.

Similarly, the 7000 Series virtually eliminates door condensation, lowers heating and air conditioning costs. Add Low-E and Argon thermal glass and consumers will find further comfort and benefit with the 7000 Series. The strength and rigidity of thermally broken aluminum framing resists greater wind loads and provides long term reliable service.

Why Choose EconoShield

EconoShield offers highest energy efficiency windows. These replacement windows come with double and triple pane options to ensure that your home is protected during every season. Our entire staff is insured and licensed so you have the peace of mind that the work is being done right. Also, inspection during installation is provided to ensure every job is completed to the highest standard. We adhere to all of Alberta’s building codes and regulations.

Energy Efficiency

EconoShield offers energy-efficient replacement windows and doors in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, ensuring comfort and cost savings year-round.

Experienced Team

With trained teams in Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Maple Creek, EconoShield ensures exceptional service and reliability, backed by years of experience.

Comprehensive Support

From consultation to final inspection, EconoShield provides full-service support, including adherence to regulations and backing with a reliable warranty for added peace of mind.

Customization and Satisfaction

EconoShield delivers custom-made, affordable products meeting Energy Star standards, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with timely delivery and licensed staff.

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Other Doors from EconoShield

Steel Doors

Forge a seamless blend of security and sophistication as you explore our collection of entry steel doors, meticulously crafted to endure and impress. From enhancing curb appeal to safeguarding your home, these doors stand as sturdy sentinels, offering both peace of mind and enduring style.

Fibreglass Doors

Step into a realm where durability meets timeless elegance with our selection of entry fiberglass doors. Designed to withstand the test of time while exuding the warmth of wood, these doors redefine the concept of entryways, marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality for a lasting impression.

Swinging Patio Doors

Escape into your outdoor oasis with our garden swinging patio doors, where charm meets convenience. Crafted to add a touch of elegance to your exterior, these doors swing open to reveal a picturesque garden retreat, inviting you to savor moments of tranquility amidst the beauty of nature.

Discover the EconoShield Difference

Experience the EconoShield difference firsthand through our meticulous craftsmanship, innovative energy-efficient solutions, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With every project, we strive to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional quality and lasting value for your home.

Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

Contact us today to explore our window and door solutions!

Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

Contact us today to explore our window and door solutions!

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Fibreglass Entry Doors FAQ

Our sliding patio doors are meticulously crafted with maintenance-free extruded vinyl, a material renowned for its exceptional durability and resilience. This advanced construction not only ensures longevity but also eradicates common worries associated with traditional wood components, such as warping, splitting, or rotting. With our vinyl construction, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their doors will maintain their integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come, requiring minimal maintenance and preserving the beauty of their homes effortlessly.

Absolutely! At EconoShield, we understand the importance of personalization and seamlessly integrating your door's design with your home's aesthetic. That's why we provide a standard stylish handle as the foundation, accompanied by an extensive array of Prestige Handle Upgrades. This diverse selection empowers you to tailor your door to reflect your unique style preferences and complement the existing décor of your home effortlessly. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and elegant, our wide range of handle options ensures that you'll find the perfect match to enhance the visual appeal and overall ambiance of your living space.

Our doors are engineered with cutting-edge technology, incorporating Low-E glass with Argon gas thermal units to deliver unparalleled insulation performance. This innovative combination forms a formidable barrier against external temperature fluctuations, effectively minimizing heat transfer and reducing the workload on your heating and cooling systems. By maintaining a consistent indoor temperature year-round, our doors not only enhance comfort but also significantly lower energy consumption, resulting in tangible savings on your utility bills. Whether it's scorching summer days or frosty winter nights, you can rely on our doors to keep your home cozy and energy-efficient, providing lasting comfort and sustainability for you and your family.

Without a doubt! We offer a range of customizable features to ensure your sliding patio doors perfectly align with your preferences and lifestyle. Opt for our optional internal Mini Blinds with Tilt and Lift system, granting you full control over privacy levels and natural light ingress. Whether you seek complete seclusion or gentle illumination, this feature empowers you to adjust settings with ease. Additionally, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your doors with optional decorative grills, adding a touch of elegance and personal flair to your home's exterior. With these versatile customization options, you can effortlessly tailor your sliding patio doors to suit your unique style and functional requirements, transforming your living space into a haven of comfort and beauty.

Our commitment to your safety and peace of mind is unwavering. That's why our doors are fortified with a robust recessed laminated steel lock, engineered to withstand even the most determined intruders. This durable security feature is not only reliable but also backed by our lifetime replacement guarantee, offering assurance that your home will remain protected for years to come.

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