How do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

By Published On: December 20, 20161.8 min read

Do you think that energy efficient windows are simply made with a special type of thick glass? The fact is that energy efficient windows utilize numerous different processes to become more energy efficient. There are many ways in which windows can be made energy efficient. To create energy efficient windows, various energy efficient components are combined together. The most common energy efficient components used in windows are:

Glass Coating

To create energy efficient replacement windows, a low-emissivity glass known as the Low-E glass is used. It blocks the rays of the sun and traps the heat inside during the winter months and keeps the heat outside during the summer months. You can also find various glazing options that include tints, reflective coatings, and gas fills. All of these are used to help you save on your cooling and heating costs.

Spacer Systems

Vinyl windows are the most energy efficient windows. To help keep these windows free from condensation, 100% polymer structural foam is used instead of metal. Spacer systems help lower the U value. The lower the U value, the greater is the energy efficiency of windows.

Window Technology

The latest technology is the use of gas and multiple panes of glass on various types of windows. Double paned and triple paned glass increase the protection from the UV rays. If you have a triple paned glass window, almost 97% of the UV rays will be blocked. This will keep you more comfortable all year round and also prevent fabrics, flooring, and other belongings in your house from fading. Another great addition to energy efficient replacement windows is filling the space between the insulated glass with Krypton gas to further reduce the transfer of heat.


Energy efficient windows have non-metal frames as they provide better thermal performance as compared to the metallic models. Thermally improved non-metallic frames also help to optimize your investment in energy efficient replacement windows.

Now you know that it is not only the special type of glass but various other energy efficient components that go into creating these replacement windows. So, if you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs, you should invest in energy efficient vinyl windows, especially for your next window replacement project.

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