Types of Energy Efficient Windows

By Published On: October 4, 20162.2 min read

Homeowners today are not only interested in window styles that will make their homes look attractive but they also want to minimize their energy bills. This is why selecting the right windows, either for your new home or for your window replacement project, become important. There are various types of energy efficient windows available. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Go through all the different types of energy efficient window frames available:


Vinyl is not very expensive and is a good option. If a vinyl window is properly constructed and correctly installed it can be a practical choice. Vinyl is cheap but offers excellent energy efficiency measures through the sealed glass units and tight construction that prevents air leakage. With Vinyl window styles, you might not get enough color options but because of its effectiveness, you will want to have them.


Windows made from wood offer the best insulation. However, keeping up with wood window styles is more difficult than wood-clad, vinyl or aluminium frames. Wood windows require a lot of maintenance, and hence they would not be perfect for rainy and extremely humid climates.


Although aluminium is not one of the top performing materials in terms of heat transfer and loss, it might be a practical choice for humid and rainy climates.


Wood-clad window styles have a low-maintenance exterior and encase a temperature-transfer-resistant wood interior. However, you need to be cautious when using these windows in humid climates. Clad windows are prone to water intrusion that might lead to rotting in the sills and jambs where the water pools.

To make the windows energy efficient, the frame as well as all the insides of the frame are important. When looking for energy efficient windows, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Glass – Low-E glass is the most energy efficient type. It has an invisible coating of metal oxide. This allows light and heat inside your house but cuts the amount of heat that goes out

  • Gaps between the glass – Energy efficient windows make use of gases like argon, krypton or xenon in the gaps between the glass

  • Pane spacers – These are set around the interior edges of the window to keep the two glass panes apart. For more efficiency, you should look for pane spacers that have little or no metal

These are the different types of energy efficient windows. Having an energy efficient frame is important, but having the right pane spacer is also equally important for energy efficient windows. You can choose the one that is suitable for your home and climate. Make sure you consult a window replacement expert before you invest in new window styles.

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