Why Use Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows have become the best choice for many people. They can be made available in wood, metal, and vinyl frames. Also, double hung windows can be cleaned easily. They are different than the single hung windows. The single hung windows can be operated only from the bottom section, whereas the double hung windows can be operated from either the top or bottom section of the window. Although a minor difference, it makes a big impact while cleaning the windows. Although the double hung windows are more expensive than the single hung windows, they offer amenities that the single hung windows do not.

There are many benefits of double hung windows. You should choose them because of the various reasons:

Easy To Clean

Double hung windows can be cleaned from inside the home. It is possible for you to rotate the windows and clean both the sides of the windows. Also, you can choose to have a full or half screen, and the screen can be easily mounted on the inside or outside of the window.


You can choose to open only the top portion of the double hung windows as this helps cross ventilation in your home and helps decrease energy costs. You could also open the top and bottom portion of the window at the same time. This will allow the warm air to be released from the top part of the window and also let the cool air inside your house through the lower window.


One of the benefits of double hung windows is the safety factor. You can keep these windows open all day without having to fear about your kids pushing the windows and falling out. This option will not be available in the single hung windows.


Double hung windows are made up of various materials. Thus, they can be used for new construction or as replacement windows. These windows are aesthetically pleasing and can go well with any home design. They are constructed with 2 to 3 layers of glass. This makes the double hung windows more energy efficient.


The installation of double hung windows is not different as compared to the installation of other windows. Although it is not very difficult for these windows to be installed, you should let the professional window replacement experts to do it. They will ensure perfection and you can get energy efficient windows.

As there are so many benefits of double hung windows, you will not want to disown them. If you are convinced of the benefits and want to get double hung windows for your home, you should get in touch with the window replacement experts soon.

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  1. Mark David says:

    Design looks good from inside and outside of home, more safety and better ventilation of air. This make house very beautiful and amazing.

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