6 Tips for National Window Safety Week

By Published On: February 8, 20172 min read

Home windows are not only for enjoying the outside view, they serve various purposes. Windows let in fresh breeze and can act as an escape route in times of emergency. Although windows have various advantages, they have some disadvantages too. Open windows can be dangerous for your small kids. Many kids every year fall out of the window and get severely injured. It is, therefore, your responsibility to keep your kids safe from the potential danger of open windows. Considering window replacement can be a part of enhancing safety.

The National Window Safety Week is observed in April as this month marks the start of spring and people like to keep their windows open to let fresh air come inside their homes. The National Window Safety week is a reminder of window safety situations involving children and house fires. Here are some window safety tips to remember and follow in order to prevent a window fall:

  1. You should make sure that your windows are not painted, nailed, or stuck shut. Windows may be your only escape route in an emergency situation. It is, therefore, important to check your windows regularly and make sure that they open easily when unlocked

  2. If you are having a window air conditioning unit, you should carefully select the window which you want to install the unit in. Make sure to choose a window which you would want to use as an escape route during an emergency.

  3. You should have minimum one window in each bedroom that meets the escape and rescue requirements. This will be beneficial in emergency situations. Having two escape routes in each room would be great.

  4. You should not depend on an insect screen to prevent your child from falling out. Insect screens only prevent insects from getting inside your home. If you kid leans on that screen, there are chances of fall out and injuries.

  5. If you want to have natural airflow in your home, you should open windows that are on a height. These windows should be out of your children’s reach.

  6. You should make sure that there is no furniture placed close to the windows of your home. Your children may climb on the furniture and access the windows


The National Window Safety Week and these window safety tips are important for everyone. If you want to keep your family safe, you should make sure to follow all these tips.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

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