How to Prevent Accidental Window Falls?

By Published On: February 27, 20172.2 min read

Any home cannot do without windows. The home windows are important for ventilation, allowing daylight in the house, and to enjoy outside views. Some home windows (Egress Windows) are expected to serve as emergency escape routes at the time of emergency. However, these windows sometimes can be dangerous for your kids. Many kids fall out from open windows and injure themselves. Some window falls also turn out to be fatal. Therefore, it is important for you to consider window safety and possibly window replacement to enhance security and prevent window falls. These window safety tips will help you protect your kids from accidentally falling out of windows:

Keep Your Furniture at a Distance

Placing your furniture near the windows can give your kids access to the windows. That’s why they should be placed away from windows. You may want to keep the furniture close to the windows because it makes the interior of your home look good, but it is important to keep the looks aside and think about the safety of your child.

Window Safety Guards

The Egress windows that act as escape routes in emergency times should have window safety guards installed so that your kids will not slip through and fall out. You can get window safety guards that can easily be removed by adults in case of fire but your kids won’t be able to open them on their own.

Don’t Depend on Screens

The window screens do not let insects come inside your home. However, they are not capable of preventing window falls. Considering these window screens to protect your child from falling out may lead to dangerous falls. Thus, you should not depend on these screens and invest in window safety guards for your home windows.

Window Safety Guards and Security Bars are Different

The window bars and safety guards are not same and hence, they do not serve the same purpose. The security bars are designed to protect your home from intruders and usually, the placement of these bars is wide enough for your kid to slip through. The window safety guards on the other hand are not for securing your home from intruders. They prevent window falls and help keep your child safe.

Keep Your Kids Under Supervision

While fulfilling all the necessary window safety requirements, it is important to supervise your kids at all the times. Keeping an eye on your kid will prevent window falls and other accidents.

To ensure best window safety, you can talk to professional window installers. They will let you know the various window treatments that can help you in keeping your children safe.

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