Things to Know Before You Buy Replacement Windows

By Published On: January 13, 20172.3 min read

If you are thinking of that your home should undergo window replacement, you should consider various things. Merely going by the look of a particular window style can be an invitation to various problems in the future. You need to pay close attention to the weather conditions and other limitations in your area when you buy replacement windows for your home. Here are some things you should not miss when buying replacement windows for your home:

Window Frame Materials

The best window frame materials that make great energy efficient windows are:

  • Vinyl – Vinyl windows are the most famous in Calgary because they are the least expensive and are maintenance free. Vinyl windows do not have to be painted on the exterior. However, if you wish to paint them you have the freedom to do that

  • Wood – Wood window frames require a lot of maintenance. Also, they are susceptible to weather and require regular painting in order to protect the material

  • Metal Clad – Cladding means that the composite or wood core is covered with a material like vinyl. Vinyl protects the wood from the outside weather so that it does not have to be painted often

You might also find aluminium window frames but they are not energy efficient windows.

Window Features

  • Double or Triple Glazed Windows – Double glazed windows have two glass panes with a sealed space between them that is filled with gas. Gas provides better insulation. Triple glazed windows have three glass panes. This extra glass pane contributes to making energy efficient windows. They are great to keep the cold climate out while keeping you warm inside

  • Low-E Glass – It is the transparent treatment that reflects the ultraviolet and infrared heat to improve the insulation of the windows. Each side of the window has different coatings to achieve different cold and heat reductions. It helps to keep the cold out and traps the heat inside your home

  • Gas Insulated Windows – Generally, all modern windows have an insulating gas pumped into the chambers between the window panes to minimize heat transfer and increase energy efficiency. Argon gas is commonly used because of its insulating qualities. Also, argon is safe and it’s available at a low price. Although, Krypton is better than Argon, it is very expensive

Window Types

Here are some common replacement window types you may want to consider:

There are many types of replacement windows available. You can get in touch with our window replacement experts to choose the best one for your needs. Make sure to consider all the factors mentioned so that you buy energy efficient windows that are efficient and appealing.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

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