It’s Time to Switch to Triple Glazing Windows

By Published On: October 22, 20161.9 min read

Modern windows are often constructed using two panes of glass, but considering window replacement with an upgrade to three panes can bring numerous benefits. Why should you switch to triple glazing windows? Well, reasons to do so are many. Not only they provide you with great window insulation but they also help in reducing your energy bills. Some other reasons why you should consider upgrading to triple glazing windows are mentioned below:

Savings on Energy Bills

The modern double glazed windows come with an optimized energy balance, in order to maximize cost savings. However, triple glazing windows are replacement windows that allow high level of solar heat gain. They capture warmth from the natural sunlight and draw it into your home. Also, triple glazing windows have great window insulation properties that help to trap the heat within. These windows, thus, prove beneficial in saving even more on energy bills.

Maximum Comfort

Triple glazing windows come with an enhanced thermal efficiency which ensures elimination of cold spots. These windows can also be optimized to achieve excellent thermal acoustic performance. So, you can have a late night party with loud music without disturbing your neighbors.

Enhanced Security

An extra pane of glass in triple glazing windows makes it difficult for someone to break in and do any kind of property damage. Thus, greater security is provided and your home remains secure and safe.

Other Benefits of Triple Glazing Windows

  • Triple glazing windows are more rigid and strong than the other window styles

  • They perform exceptionally well when installed in areas with extreme weather conditions

  • They have great resistance to condensation problems

  • Triple glazing windows help in sound transmission reduction

  • They help reduce heat loss

  • Combining triple glazing windows with insulated hollow frames can increase their performance

Aren’t these reasons enough to help you switch from the modern double glazed windows to the excellent triple glazing windows? With these replacement windows you will experience comfort within the walls of your home without having to spend a lot on heating bills. So, do not be content with your old windows. Upgrade your home and its efficiency with the triple glazing windows. If you want to know more about the advantages of triple glazing windows and the ways to increase their energy efficiency, you should get in touch with the window replacement experts.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

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