Reduce Your Energy Bills by Revamping Your Windows

By Published On: October 7, 20162.1 min read

Windows could be the major source of heat loss in homes. If you notice a surge in your energy bill it might be time to transform your windows into energy-efficient windows and reduce those bills. If you have old windows, window replacement with new energy-efficient models is a viable choice. If you do not want to replace your windows, you can revamp your old windows to improve their efficiency. Here’s what you can do to make them energy-efficient:

Revamp Your Windows

You can improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows by caulking, weather-stripping, and using window treatments or coverings. Here are some things you can do to revamp your windows and make them energy efficient:

  • Add storm windows to improve comfort and reduce air leakage

  • Add caulking and weather-stripping to prevent air leakage

  • Use caulk for cracks, joints and gaps

  • Use coverings or window treatments to reduce heat loss in winter and maintain heat in the summer

  • Use a clear plastic sheet on and inside the window frame to reduce drafts

  • Add tight-fitting window shades on windows

  • Install interior or exterior storm windows to reduce heat loss

  • Add white window shades to reflect heat away

Replace Your Windows

If your home has old and inefficient windows, you must invest in energy efficient windows rather than trying to improve the efficiency of the old ones. The new, energy efficient windows if installed properly, help reduce the cooling and heating costs and at times, also the lighting costs. When getting replacement windows, you should consider the following:

  • Replace aluminium frames – Aluminium frames let heat transfer easily. You must replace them with vinyl frames as they are much more resistant to heat transfer

  • Get multiple panes – For keeping the heat in and the cold out, double or triple paned argon filled windows are great

  • Have tinted windows – Tinted windows may not look very attractive at the front of your home. However, you can consider them for the windows on the backside of your house. With tinted windows, you can keep the unwanted heat and cold out

  • Consider the energy performance ratings when choosing new windows

If you revamp your windows using the guidelines mentioned-above or if you replace them with the new energy efficient windows, you will be able to reduce your energy bills. There are different types of replacement windows you can choose from. To know about all the energy efficient windows, you can get in touch with the window replacement experts.

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