Wood v/s Vinyl Replacement

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Today, we have a wide variety of windows available that can confuse any buyer. Many contemporary houses have wooden windows fitted because of the elegant and rustic look it provides. Wooden windows are strong and highly customizable.

But, vinyl windows have been taking over the interest of many customers since the last few years. These windows are made up of rigid and high quality polyvinyl chloride. Advantages of vinyl windows are more than its disadvantages, which is why people nowadays prefer it over any other type.

Looking for a window replacement? Here is a comparison of wooden and vinyl replacement windows that you need to consider before replacing your old windows. This comparison focuses only on the window frames, styles, and locks, but does not include the types of glasses.

Wooden windows

Vinyl windows


Wood replacement windows need a lot of maintenance.

Vinyl replacement windows require minimal maintenance.


Wood replacement windows need pest-control sprays as they are prone to termite attacks.

Vinyl replacement windows are free from termite and pest infestation.

Look and Feel

Wood replacement windows can be painted and customized into several styles.

Vinyl replacement windows are available in a variety of colors and can also be painted with wood grain paints to give a richer, wood-like finish.


Wood replacement windows can rot or decay depending on the external climatic factors. Their layers can peel off or get flaky. Also, irregularly maintained wooden windows become brittle over time and may even break.

Vinyl replacement windows are made up of high quality plastic, which means they cannot rot or decay. Hence, they don’t break easily.


Wood replacement windows need polishing and painting at regular intervals. There are chances that cladded wooden windows may survive longer without any polishing if well-maintained.

Vinyl replacement windows are finished products, and hence they require no painting or smoothing.


Wood replacement windows are expensive.

Vinyl replacement windows are quite economical.


Wood replacement windows cannot be washed as they can decay because of moisture. They can only be wiped with a dry cloth.

Vinyl replacement windows can be washed and wiped with a dry cloth.


Wood replacement windows are bad conductors of heat and cold and therefore, they prevent the outside temperature to affect the inner environment of the house

Vinyl replacement windows too are bad conductors of heat and cold. But they are hollow from inside. Hence, installing double or triple glazing for energy efficiency can be beneficial.

Resale value

Wood replacement windows have higher resale value if they are in good condition.

Vinyl replacement windows have lower resale value.

Vinyl replacement windows are lightweight, energy efficient windows, and also easy to maintain. Various kinds of window glasses are available as well. It is suggested to choose a window with higher low-E value as it is considered to be energy efficient. Both, wooden and vinyl replacement windows can hold these glasses. You can get in touch with us for free in-home consultation or if you want more information on the best types of window replacements in Calgary.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

Contact us today to explore our window and door solutions!