Window Replacement is an Upgrade to Your Home

There are two basic reasons why people choose to replace their windows. The first reason is the existing window has become broken or damaged. The second reason is to upgrade the existing windows to a better quality product. Since windows don’t easily break without the help of a baseball,  the majority of windows purchased as replacements are used to upgrade the home.

Upgrading Windows for Better Insulation

There are a number of replacement windows which are designed to prevent the passage of air. The majority of air lost in a home passes through the area where the window glass meets the casing and where the casing meets the wall. The glass itself can conduct hot or cold temperatures which will also affect the interior air temperature of the home. When the windows do not provide proper insulation, the heating and cooling systems in the house have to work harder, which costs the homeowner more money. Windows designed for insulation will often be constructed with two or three panes of glass. The additional panes reduce the amount of variation in the surface temperature of the glass on very cold or very hot days. The glass will be placed inside a casing made of molded plastic, which is often referred to as vinyl. The advantage of using a vinyl casement instead of wood is a better seal. Vinyl will not expand and contract with the change in temperature the way wood does, so tiny gaps will not emerge in between the wall and the window casing.

Upgrading Windows for Better Cleaning

Some homeowners choose to upgrade the windows in their homes so they will be easier to clean. This is especially true for windows located on upper levels whose exteriors cannot be accessed from inside the home. The new replacement windows can be designed with rotating hinges within the casing so the sections holding the glass can be easily tilted toward the interior of the room where the opposite exterior side can be accessed for cleaning. Replacement windows can be cut to size to fit any shape or size window opening inside a home. Frosted glass can also be used to create decorative privacy windows for the sides of front entry doors, for bathrooms or for the landing area of a staircase. Homeowners who choose to upgrade their home’s windows to products designed for better performance, will also be increasing the overall value of their homes.

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