Different Types of Home Windows

By Published On: March 10, 20172.4 min read

Windows provide ventilation which is extremely necessary. However, you do not want to have windows that do not go along with the design of your home. There are various types of home windows you can choose from for your new home or your window replacement project. Some are good for ventilation, some provide better energy efficiency, and some simply look awesome. You can find home windows that offer all the essential qualities.. Here are the different types of home windows you may want to choose from.

Double Hung Windows

The most common windows that you will find in every other home are double hung windows. The double hung windows come with two operating sashes and allow you to control the airflow. When these windows are closed, their added insulation keeps your home nice and warm. Double hung windows are the best option for bedrooms. There are different types of double hung windows. Most types come with staggered ventilation latches that prevent them from opening too much. This allows ventilation while providing security from intruders.

Casement Windows

The double hung windows are not the only type of replacement windows you can have in your home. Casement windows too are a popular choice in many homes. Like the double hung windows, casement windows also let you control air circulation in your home. You can use the crank handle at the bottom to open the window as wide as you like.

Bay and Bow Windows

You will get to see bay and bow windows in living rooms. The only reason is that the require a lot of wall space. If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can have bay windows or bow windows there too, as they are wide and cover a large chunk of a wall. The look of these window types can make the interior of your home look good. It will create a good space to spend time relaxing, reading, or watching TV.

Architectural Windows

Architectural windows are custom made windows. You can play around with shapes and create a unique design of windows that complements your home. The architectural windows are inoperable windows that have a distinct shape. However, you can use these windows in combination with other types of windows. You can also add a long rectangular window on top of a casement window. This will not only increase the amount of light entering inside your home but also give your home a distinct look.

There are several other types of home windows too, so you do not have to limit your choice to the ones mentioned above. If you wish to get an idea of which home windows can be great for your home, you should get in touch with our professional window installers. They will let you know the unique features of all the different types of home windows and whether you should choose them or not.

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