Benefits of Triple Pane Glass for Replacement Windows

By Published On: January 10, 20172.1 min read

Why should I go for triple pane glass windows? Most people ask this question. Why to invest so much more in triple pane glass windows when single or double pane windows work perfectly fine? Well, there are various reasons why you should. There is no comparison between single or double pane, single or triple pane, and double or triple pane glass windows. Triple pane glass is the best as it offers various benefits along with the energy efficiency factor. Some benefits of triple pane glass for window replacement are:

Energy Efficient Windows

Triple pane glass windows can make life inside your home more comfortable. They are highly energy efficient. They keep the heat out in the summers and keep it in during winters. This ensures significant savings on your cooling and heating costs. This means you can be comfortable in your house.

No Condensation Problems

Do you find moisture on the interiors of your windows on a cold day? This is because of the difference in the exterior and interior temperature. The difference in the exterior temperature and the interior temperature causes water vapor to sweat on the glass. This creates a potential for mold or damage to the drywall and window-sills. If you replace your window panes with the triple pane glass, this problem can be eliminated. The replacement windows with triple pane glass offer excellent resistance to transfer heat.

The Safety Factor

One more major benefit that triple pane glass windows offer is increased security of your home. It is much more difficult to break through three layers of glass than just a single one. This means that replacement windows with triple glass panes are sturdier in case of an attempted break-in, or an earthquake.

More Soundproof

Triple pane windows are not only resistant to temperature transfer but also are equally resistant to sound transfer. An extra pane of glass in your replacement windows can make them more soundproof. Another feature in triple pane glass windows that contributes to resistance of sound transmission is the use of soft spacer between glazings. The foam spacer does not only improve the efficiency of the insulated glass units, but also reduces the outside noise.

There are so many different benefits of triple pane glass for replacement windows. So, if you are considering getting replacement windows for your home, you should definitely go for triple pane glass. You can get in touch with the expert window installers to know more about the effectiveness and efficiency of triple pane glass replacement windows.

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