Benefits of Double Hung Windows

By Published On: April 7, 20172.4 min read

Double hung windows are the best choice for most homeowners in Calgary, especially when considering window replacement. The double hung windows are available in wood, metal, and vinyl frames. Also, double hung windows are easy to clean and maintain. These windows are different than the single hung windows. The single hung windows operate only from the bottom section, but the double hung windows can be operated from both the top and bottom section of the glass. This may be just a small difference, but it does have a big impact when cleaning these replacement windows. Also, the double hung windows are more expensive than the single hung windows. They offer more benefits than the single hung windows.

Some benefits of double hung windows are:

Can be Cleaned Easily

It is easy to clean double hung windows from inside the home. You can rotate these windows and clean the interior and exterior sides of the windows without any difficulty. Also, these replacement windows allow you to choose between a full or a half screen, and the screen can be mounted easily on the interior or exterior of the window.

Provide Good Ventilation

You can opt to open just the top portion of double hung windows as it can enable cross ventilation in your house and reduce energy costs. You could also choose to open both the top and bottom portions of the window at the same time. This will allow the hot air inside your home to be released from the top window and will let the cool air to come inside through the lower window.

Offer Increased Security

One major benefit of double hung windows is that they provide increased security. You can leave the double hung windows open all the time without fearing about your kids falling out. The double hung windows open only to a limit while providing maximum ventilation. This option is not available in single hung windows.

Unique Construction

Double hung windows can be made up of various materials and they are good for use in new constructions or as replacement windows. These windows are aesthetically pleasing and blend well with any type of home interior and design. Double hung windows are constructed using 2 to 3 layers of glass. This is why double hung windows are considered as one of the most energy efficient windows.

Can be Installed Easily by Professionals

The installation of double hung windows is similar to the installation of other window types. Although it is not very difficult to install double hung windows, you should let the professional window replacement experts do the installation. They will install the windows properly and you will get energy efficient windows.

As the benefits of double hung windows are so many, you will definitely want to install them in your house if you’re looking to replace your existing windows. To get double hung windows for your home, you should contact the professional window installers soon.

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