Benefits of Casement Windows

By Published On: October 6, 20162.3 min read

Are you thinking about getting your a window replacement for your home? Then, you should definitely consider casement windows. Casement windows are a great choice because they offer many benefits. Casement windows are commonly made from vinyl. These vinyl windows are usually hung vertically with an opening window hinged from the right or left side of the frame. Vinyl windows are the least expensive of all the other replacement windows and provide many other advantages. Some of the benefits of casement windows are mentioned below:


Casement windows are one of the least expensive replacement windows available. They are made from vinyl and you can lay your hands on them even on the tightest budget. The price of vinyl windows is usually similar to single and double hung windows.

Energy Efficient

Casement windows are energy efficient windows. When closed, the sash of the casement windows forms a seal around the entire window frame and reduces the amount of air leakage. This holds the warm air inside the house when it is cold outside and doesn’t let the warm air get in when it is hot outside. This way, your heating and air conditioning bills are reduced.

Variety of Designs

Casement windows come in a variety of finishes and colours. They also are available with a variety of accessories such as vinyl, chrome, or brass crank handles. With casement replacement windows, you have the freedom of adding a range of extras. You could add lead grills or surface grills as they will make the vinyl windows more attractive to the eye without keeping them plain.

Good Ventilation

Unlike double hung windows, casement windows open all the way outward. Casement windows are wide open from side-to-side and from top to bottom providing ventilation and natural light. These replacement windows are a good option for letting air into your home, especially in the hot summer months.

Superior Security

The locks on casement windows are embedded into the frame providing enhanced safety and security. With casement windows, you can decide how wide you want your windows to be open. This way, you won’t have to keep your home vulnerable to big opening.

Easy Operation

Casement windows are easy to open and close. These windows make use of tandem latches or single-lever latches which make them easy to be opened and closed. Also, most of the casement window models can be fitted with automatic openers.

Casement windows have so many benefits to offer and so are the best choice for any home in Calgary. With casement windows, you won’t have to compromise on style and energy efficiency. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot on installation. So, get in touch with the window replacement experts, select the best window style and get it installed.

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