Awning v/s Casement Windows

By Published On: October 18, 20162 min read

Are you thinking about window replacements? There are a lot of window styles you can choose from. Although there is a variety available, you should go for the one which provides good efficiency. Awning windows and casement windows are great for a variety of uses. However, both of them have their unique advantages and plus points. How do you choose between these two? The information given below might be helpful in deciding:

Awning Windows


  • These windows are great for areas where you want to preserve the outside view but still want to bring in fresh air

  • If you are looking for replacement windows to be fitted over the kitchen sink, awning windows would be a good choice because their opening mechanism has a simple crank which can be easily reached

  • Awning windows are easy to operate

  • They provide great ventilation

  • Awning windows let us enjoy the view outside as they have no check rails or bars in the middle like the gliding or double hung windows

  • Awning windows are best suited for smaller window openings that are wider than they are tall


  • Awning windows require space outside to allow them to open in the outward direction

  • Trees or tall shrubs outside the window might prevent the window from opening

  • The outside of awning windows cannot be cleaned from inside


Casement Window


  • Casement windows allow an unobstructed view of outside and provides good ventilation

  • They have the look of a picture window but can let breeze inside

  • Casement windows have a tight seal and hence, are the most energy efficient windows available

  • Casement windows comply with all current fire code regulations and are great choice for bedrooms

  • Casement windows can rotate fully. This makes cleaning them from inside the house very easy

  • These type of replacement windows are ideal for smaller windows that are tall than they are wide


  • Just like awning windows, casement windows too require space outside to open fully

  • Casement windows can be more expensive then other window styles

Both these window styles have unique advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the one which you think is right for your home. Take some advice from window replacement experts to make sure you are making the right decision.

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

Contact us today to explore our window and door solutions!