3 Main Indicators Your Home Needs New Windows

By Published On: June 18, 20151.9 min read

Window replacement is a significant investment in the energy efficiency, safety, value and appearance of your home. But despite the energy savings and return on investment, some homeowners put off replacing outdated windows for years. Here are three main indicators that your home needs a new outlook on life with new windows.

Indicator 1:  Fogging or moisture between panes

If moisture is getting inside your double-paned windows, that means the seal has failed, leading to potential window leaks. If water can get in, then so can cold or hot air. If you see condensation or mineral deposits indicating that water has been inside the panes, then it means the insulating barrier isn’t effectively doing its job anymore.

Indicator 2: Cold and drafty or hot and glaring

Windows that have warped over time can create gaps that allow cold air in during the winter, or your expensive air-conditioned cool air out in the summer. If you scold your kids for leaving the door open when the air conditioning is on, then maybe it’s time to ‘ground’ your windows for the same thing.

Modern window technology also can help homes retain heat in the winter or keep it out in the summer with special coatings. These windows can also help make sure your furniture, carpeting and artwork don’t fade from excessive UV rays.

 Indicator 3: Latches don’t work or windows don’t open

Some windows are true window safety hazards. Sometimes homeowners will paint over hinges or even nail windows shut to stop drafts. Other windows warped so badly that the latches won’t lock or unlock. Not only is this a big sign that the windows aren’t doing their job, it’s sometimes outright dangerous for the occupants. Bedroom windows that can’t be opened may be a serious fire code violation and safety hazard.

There are plenty of other less obvious, but just as important, indicators that your windows are doing your home more harm than good.

If any of these three indicators match windows in your home, it’s definitely time to get a free online inspection from EcocnoShield Windows! We have an affordable and stress-free solution for you. Our maintanance-free vinyl windows with lifte time warranty will last you many happy years to come!

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Are you ready to take your home to the next level?

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