What Are Picture Windows?

There is a vast variety of windows to choose from, and keeping all the styles straight can be tricky. Picture windows are one of the grander window options as they open up a home and welcome in lots of sunlight. But what exactly is a picture window?

A picture window is a large fixed window and is designed to provide a clear, unimpeded view. Because of their clear view, picture windows act as a frame for outside scenery.

Picture windows typically do not open and can be used in combination with other windows that do open. For instance, pairing casement windows on either side of your picture window provides that gorgeous picture frame feel while still allowing for outside ventilation. This combination of windows offers functionality and beauty in one neat package.

Choosing window treatments for your picture windows can be challenging, especially with extra-large or custom picture windows. A common and practical way to offer privacy for your picture windows is to mount curtains that can be pulled aside or let hang freely.

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