Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

By Published On: October 20, 20161.9 min read

Bay/Bow windows are wonderful additions to a home, especially when considering window replacement. Unlike other window styles, Bay/Bow windows allow ample light and sweeping views. With bay/bow windows you can enhance the look of your room. However, before making the decision of getting bay windows for your home, you should know of the pros and cons that are associated with these type of replacement windows.

Pros of Bay/Bow Windows

  • Enhanced View

Other window styles allow only a small field of view. However, bay/bow windows that are often installed in the front part of a home allow an enhanced viewing experience. Through this enhanced view, you can keep a watch on your kids playing outside while enjoying the view.

  • Decorated Space

Generally, bay/bow windows extend out from the wall. This leaves additional space for decorating and adding a better look to your home. You could also use this space for sitting and watching the nature outside.

  • Welcoming Sunlight

You can transform your darker rooms by adding in some natural sunlight. Bay/Bow windows are perfect for welcoming sunlight into your homes. The sweeping nature of these replacement windows bring in more sunlight into your home from various directions at the same time.

  • Larger Appearance

Bay/Bow windows are great for smaller rooms. They are large and make a small room look bigger.

Cons of Bay Windows

  • Costly Installation

Bay/Bow windows or any other replacement windows need to be installed properly. If not installed properly, they might have structural problems. It could also cause the window to crack and leak. You, therefore, require window replacement experts to install bay windows. Thus, it is a costly affair.

  • Repair Cost

When bay windows have to be repaired, the entire unit will require replacement. This is a very expensive process. However, this expenses can be avoided if bay windows are installed correctly and maintained properly.

Now that you know of the pros and cons of bay windows, you will be able to decide for yourself if bay/bow windows are a great choice for your home. If you are still confused in making the final decision, you should get in touch with the window replacement experts in your locality so that you don’t invest incorrectly.

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