How to Clean Awning Windows?

By Published On: December 17, 20162.5 min read

Does your new home have awning windows or has your home recently undergone window replacement using this type of windows? Do you like to enjoy the outside view when you are inside your home? Then, you need to maintain your awning windows properly. It is not only about awning windows, but all the windows should be cleaned and taken care of to keep them in proper working condition so that you can enjoy the outside view clearly.

Here’s a guide that helps you properly clean your awning screens and windows:

Prepare To Clean Awning Windows

You should start by washing your awning windows from inside your house. To begin, you will have to separate the rod from the sash. For this, you will have to open the sash about 6 inches and grasp the rod at the place where it is attached to the sash. Lift upward to separate the plastic shoe from the bracket. Get the rod and shoe out of the way by cranking the operator arm to the closed position. Pull the top of the sash inward and place a piece of wood in the sash top to open it.

Remove Dirt And Dust

To remove dirt and dust, you should make a mild detergent and water solution. With the help of a soft cloth or brush, you can remove all the dirt and dust from the awning screens.

Remove Heavy Dirt Or Grime

Once you have cleared out the loose debris from the glass surface with a brush or a soft, dry cloth, mild soapy water, a liquid window cleaner, or vinegar and wipe in circular motions to get rid of heavy dirt or grime.

Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners

You should not use any abrasive cleaners on the exteriors of your awning windows. Also, you should never clean the awning screens and windows in direct sunlight. To avoid the risk of irreparable damage, you should not use any harsh material on the awning screens. Instead, you should use a mild detergent and water solution and a soft cloth or a brush. You could also use a mixture of water and ammonia or alcohol.

Lubricate After Cleaning

It is important to lubricate the awning window hinges to eliminate sticking and squeaking. Also, from time to time, you should inspect and tighten the screws. Before you lubricate all the moving parts, you should remove any grease or debris with a dry, soft cloth. Once this is done, you can lubricate with a dry silicone spray.

Following these steps to clean your awning windows, you can ensure sparkling clean windows. When you have clean awning windows, you can enjoy the outside view clearly. Although it is not so easy to clean awning windows, it is important to clean and maintain them regularly. If you are having problems in maintaining or repairing your awning windows, you should get in touch with our professionals. They will help you solve your window problem and give you tips on keeping them clean.

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