How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

By Published On: January 17, 20172.1 min read

When thinking about your home’s window replacement, vinyl windows are an alternative to various expensive window types. Longevity is another reason many homeowners prefer to have vinyl windows in their homes. Unlike other window types, vinyl replacement windows don’t deteriorate over time and they require very little maintenance. Here are some factors that help determine how long your vinyl windows will last:


The most important factor that determines how long your windows will last is the quality of your vinyl windows. As vinyl windows are made of PVC, the quality of PVC used in making them is an important factor. Due to the advanced technology, the quality of vinyl material is better than what it was years ago. The advances in structural design and changes in the manufacturing process help produce better quality vinyl windows.


Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s warranty. If the window manufacturer produces high quality products, they will offer a lifetime warranty. Most of the times, labor is not included in the warranty so you should ask the professional window installers about this. The warranty details are generally noted in small prints so you should read all the warranty information carefully and ask questions to the manufacturer regarding any doubts you have.

Dealer Reputation

The reputation of the professional window installers is also important to consider. This one is more important because the warranty depends on proper installation. You can do a quick research about the professional window installers on the internet. Another way to find out about their work quality is by talking to their clients and finding out if you should hire their installation services.

Climate Rating

Choosing replacement windows that are rated for your climatic conditions and maintaining them properly can affect the life of your windows. Vinyl windows may become inoperable in certain weather conditions. Extreme fluctuations in temperature generally cause significant contraction and expansion in vinyl window frames.

Vinyl windows that meet the following requirements will last for around 15 years before showing major signs of replacement:

  • High-quality windows

  • Properly installed windows

  • Well-maintained windows

  • Windows having good warranty

If these ideal conditions are not met, the life expectancy of replacement windows can decrease and even go as low as 5 years. You should, therefore, keep all these factors in mind when you think of getting replacement vinyl windows for your home. Also, talk to the professional window installers to know about the various ways to keep your windows maintained at all times.

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