Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

By Published On: December 18, 20161.9 min read

Bay and bow windows look similar and so, it is difficult to spot the differences between them at the first glance. Especially for people who aren’t very familiar with the different types of windows, bay and bow windows will look the same to them. If you are thinking of getting new replacement windows for your home, it is important for you to know the difference between bay and bow windows.

Bay Windows

  • Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows of varying sizes that angle out beyond the wall

  • The overall structure of a bay window consists of one picture window and two other windows (flankers)

  • Flankers are often double hung to provide maximum ventilation

  • The flat planes and angular lines of bay windows are considered to be more appropriate for modern houses

  • Bay windows protrude out from the wall and this adds more floor space inside your home

  • Bay windows have three panels and are as wide as bow windows

  • Bay windows offer an unobstructed, large outside view

Bow windows

  • Bow windows are made up of three to six windows which are all of the same size

  • The structure of a bow window is curved and creates a rounded appearance from the outside of your home

  • The semi-circular outer structure of bow windows is appropriate for giving an architectural appeal to your home

  • Bow windows allow more light to enter into your room as they have more glass panes as compared to bay windows

  • Bow windows can be installed at the corners of a building to form a unique turret shape on the exterior and an enticing nook in the interior

  • Bow windows can have three typical types of installations – double hung, single hung, or casements

  • Bow windows can make any room look bigger and brighter

  • The installation of bow windows is more complex than the installations of bay windows

Both bay and bow windows add value to a home. If you do not have them already, you should replace your old windows with them soon. You can also get custom shaped windows based on your preference. If you’d like some help in deciding between bay and bow windows, you should contact the window replacement experts now to get free in-home consultations.

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