How to Choose an Egress Window?

Are you thinking of renovating your basement? If a basement bedroom is part of your basement renovation plan, you should know that the building codes won’t allow a basement bedroom without an egress window. These egress windows are great for providing emergency exits in case of fire. However, not all egress windows are created equal.

As you renovate your basement, you will need egress windows that go well with the style of the existing windows and also meet the building codes. Selecting the right egress windows for your home is a big challenge. You cannot only look at the style, you should make sure they meet all the requirements and codes. Thus, when choosing egress windows, you should keep the following things in mind:

Casement Windows

The casement windows fulfil the requirements of egress windows and take up minimal wall space. Thus, they are the best choice for basement bedrooms and other places where the space is limited. Casement windows allow you to get out easily in case of an emergency, and at the same time enable fire experts to get in within less time.

Double-Hung Windows

Even when a double-hung window is fully open, more than half of its overall area is blocked by glass. Thus, to meet the requirements of egress windows, a double-hung window should be nearly 4ft 9 inches in overall height. This height requirement makes double-hung windows not a great option for basement bedrooms.

Sliding Windows

The horizontal sliding windows should be at least 4ft high and 4ft wide to meet the requirements of egress windows. If you have so much space, the extra glass area and the light these windows let in is great for a basement bedroom.

Awning Windows

Awning windows do not meet the requirements of egress windows to be installed in basement bedrooms. These top-hinged windows come with center opening mechanisms that do not meet the requirements as the opened sash gets in the way of escape.

Adding a window in your basement can be a difficult task but if you involve professional window installers, they will make space for one. Our professionals know all the codes and requirements of egress windows and can help you get a perfect window for your basement bedroom that will work as an emergency escape route.

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