Best Windows for Your Bedroom

By Published On: February 21, 20172.4 min read

Every morning, you wake up in your bedroom and after a long day, you’re back in your bedroom to end the day in peace. No matter if this is your personal space or you share it with someone, you can personalize your bedroom the way you like. Choosing the perfect bedroom windows to match your style for your new home or for your window replacement project can help personalize your room. You can choose from various window styles, but the best ones to go for are:

Double Hung Windows

The most common windows that you will find in every other bedroom are double hung windows. They come with two operating sashes allowing you to control the airflow. When these windows are closed, their added insulation can keep your bedroom nice and warm. Double hung windows are good for your kid’s bedrooms too. Most of these window types come with staggered ventilation latches that does not let them open too much. This keeps the bedroom of your child safe for your kid while still allowing control over the airflow.

Casement Windows

Double hung windows are not the only option. Casement windows too are popular in many bedrooms. They also let you control air circulation. With the help of the crank handle at the bottom you can open the window as wide as you like. It’s best for mornings, when you have time to spare with a cup of coffee and gaze outside enjoying the view and fresh air..

Bay and Bow Windows

Generally, bay and bow windows are seen in living rooms and family rooms. The only reason is because they use up a lot of wall space. A bedroom should accommodate a combination of minimum three windows. So, if you have the necessary space, bay windows or bow windows are great options. The look of these windows will make your bedroom a good space to spend time relaxing, reading, or watching TV. These window types are good for children rooms as well. You can place fun pictures, plants, or dolls. They will give your kid extra space to store anything they like.

Architectural Windows

These windows are fun to play around with shapes and lights, and create a different bedroom space. The architectural windows are inoperable windows that are uniquely shaped. However, you can use them in combination with other window types. You could add a long rectangular window over a casement window. This will not only give your room a unique look but will increase the amount of light entering inside.

You could opt for other window options too as there are many available. To get an idea of which bedroom windows will suit your needs well, you should get in touch with the professional window installers. They will tell you the unique features of each window type and which one would best suit your home’s aesthetics.

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