Best Window Style for Your Basement

By Published On: October 6, 20162.2 min read

Choosing the best replacement window for your basement might be tough due to the limited options. However, when considering window replacement, it’s good to know that basement windows are available in various sizes and styles. The choice of basement window styles will, therefore, depend on what type of basement your house has. Here are some window styles you may want to consider for your basement:

The Hopper Window

Hopper windows have a basic design including a strong frame around one piece of glass which opens as an entire unit by tilting outward or inward. They are one of the classic basement window styles. They incorporate frosted glass or other effects like glass block for maintaining privacy in buildings where the windows are facing the street. Hopper windows are not very tall but are wide. They are quite similar to awning windows. The only difference between the two is that awning windows tilt out from the bottom and hence are not a good choice for basements.

The Casement Window

Casement windows are the best option for basements and bathrooms. They are the most commonly found window styles in Calgary. The casement window is  ideal for basements that have most of the basement portion showing above the ground. They are taller than they are wide. Just like the hopper windows, casement windows also open as a whole window in the outward direction. Casement windows are also good to ensure privacy.

The Slider Window

If your home has a daylight basement, having slider windows is the best choice. They let you enjoy both a basement in the front and a deck experience in the back of your home. When selecting a slider replacement window, you should get the one that has the strongest frame. Most commonly, people choose smaller slider window styles as they are good to face the street.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned window styles for your basement. However, choosing the wrong material could invite trouble. Special care has to be taken when choosing the right material for your basement window. You cannot use wood for your basement window for obvious reasons. The moisture available in your basement will make the wood window to shrink or rot. Vinyl framed windows are the choice of experts for any home’s basement. Vinyl can be cleaned easily and is resistant to moisture problems.

Basement windows can add extra light to your basement and should be installed if you don’t have them already. Make sure to choose from the window styles mentioned-above as they are simple and secure. Also, get more information about window styles from the window replacement experts to make sure you are making the right move.

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