Reduce Energy Bills by Installing Energy Efficient Windows

If your home has old and inefficient windows, you should replace them. Trying to improve the energy efficiency of the older windows could prove to be costly. Hence, replacement windows are a better option. The new, energy efficient windows have lower cooling and heating costs. Thus, by installing energy efficient windows, you can minimize your cooling, heating, and also at times, your lighting costs.

A window’s energy efficiency depends on all of its components. Window frames conduct heat and contribute to the window’s overall energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows come in various styles. Some of the window styles are mentioned below:

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the sides. Generally, they have lower air leakage rates as compared to sliding windows. This is because the sash closes when it is pressed against the frame.

Awning Windows

These windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. Just like the casement windows, the sash closes by pressing against the frame and so, they have lower leakage rates than the sliding windows.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows have fixed panes that don’t open. Fixed windows are airtight. However, they are not suitable in places where ventilation is necessary.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and they open inward. They also have lower air leakage rate as the sash closes by pressing against the frame.

Single and Double Hung

The bottom sash slides upward in the single hung window. However, in a double hung window, both sashes slide vertically. These sliding windows have higher air leakage rates than the hinged windows.

Single and Double Sliding

One sash slides in a single-sliding window. However, both sashes slide horizontally in a double-sliding window. Similar to single and double hung windows, single and double sliding windows have higher air leakage rates than hinged or projecting windows.

You have various options to consider when selecting the right replacement windows for your home. It is important for you to consider the energy performance ratings of the window in relation to your home’s design and the climate.

When you have decided on which window you want to go ahead with, you should get the installation done by professionals. Energy efficient windows must be installed by the professionals to ensure energy efficiency. Only when the installation of energy efficient windows is done correctly, you will be successful in reducing your energy bills.

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