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Installing doors and windows without professional help is not recommended. Letting the local carpenters install the windows of your house can be risky, as they may be unable to fix them accurately and that could lead to a lot of repairs in the future. It is best to let our installers do the installation of your windows and doors because we are fully trained and very experienced.

At EconoShield, each window or door is measured individually by our installation supervisor and they are custom-built to ensure the best fit and high performance. Proper installation is very important to prevent improper sealing, gaps, shifting and drafts.

All our installations are done according to the Alberta building codes to ensure the maximum efficiency of installed products. We provide an exclusive lifetime warranty on all our products if they are installed by our factory-certified installation crew.

We are committed to offering the best installation experience to our customers.


Our Window Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on the Vinyl Frame and Sash components

Lifetime Warranty on the Sealed Glass Unit against seal failure

Lifetime Warranty on all windows Hardware

Lifetime Warranty to the next property owner under the same original terms

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EconoShield offers energy-efficient windows with double and triple-pane options to ensure your home is protected in all seasons. All our installers are bonded, licensed and insured to give you peace of mind and safety protection.

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