Windows Servicing in a Nutshell – an Infographic

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Windows 101 – an Infographic

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When should I consider replacing my old windows and doors?

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Generally, windows older than ten years will begin to show wear and damage. Look for signs including difficulty in opening and closing, broken seals, condensation on panes, drafts and increases in your energy bill.

How much could I save by installing ”energy-efficient” windows and doors?

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Triple-pane windows offer the highest degree of protection and energy efficiency. Homes currently outfitted with double-pane windows can expect to save an additional 30% on their energy bill. Homes with single-pane windows can save even more – up to 40% by installing triple-pane windows. Other factors include the size and number of windows, their construction, placement and location, etc.

What is U-Value and R-Value in a window?

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The U-Value or U-Factor measures the amount of heat allowedthrough the assembly of a window. The lower the rating, the greater the window’s insulating properties. High performance double-pane windows can have U-Values of 0.30 or lower. Some triple-pane windows can achieve factors as low as 0.15. The R-Value measures the resistanceof the window to heat conduction, which is the reverse of the U-Value. Here, the higher the number, the better. We aim to achieve R-Values between R75-R100. (R-Value = 1/U-Value).

What is low E-glass coating and how does it help?

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Low-E (“low emissivity”) is the action of reflecting light that passes through the glass. Low-E is an invisible layer of silver glass coating added to the glass to increase efficiency and comfort. By reflecting a portion of the light spectrum (the part that transmits heat), it helps reduce the window’s U-value and increase its R-value.

What is a gas-filled window?

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Double and triple-pane windows uses an inert gas such as argon, that is sealed between the glass panes. Displacing dehydrated air with argon gas improves the thermal rating in windows because argon has 34 percent lower thermal conductivity than air. The gas is non-toxic, inert, odorless and invisible.

How does the free in-home estimate work?

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One of our EconoShield product experts will come to your home at a specified time to listen and learn about your requirements. Your needs and budget will determine the length and scope of your project. Your consulting expert will demonstrate all the features of our products. An in-home consultation will include a free inspection of your existing windows and doors and provide a detailed assessment and price quote, during this time.

Why does EconoShield use its own installers?

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Our installers are full time EconoShield employees and are provided with rigorous and ongoing training, to ensure that your windows and doors will be installed perfectly, the very first time. If not installed properly, even the best quality windows will allow air and water infiltration into your home.

What if there is any problem with the window or door after installation is completed?

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Our lifetime warranty on our products and installation means you can rest easy. Should any issue arise, just contact us and one of our courteous and professional installers will arrive to get the problem solved.

What kind of warranty exists on EconoShield products?

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All products sold by EconoShield comes with a lifetime warranty that covers not only the windows and doors themselves, but also all frames, sashes, seals, screens and workmanship on the entire installation. And if you sell your home, this warranty is transferable to the new homeowner.”

Energy rating

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Model Brand ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 U-factor (W/m2 – K) Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) Energy Rating
L-CAS- TG,CLR/CLR/LOE180-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.17 0.37 35
L-CAS- TG,CLR/LOE272/CLR-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.15 0.27 30
L-CAS-DG,LOE180/I89 EconoShield Windows N 1.28 0.4 35
L-CAS-TG,CLR/LOE272/CLR EconoShield Windows N 1.15 0.3 32
L-CAS-TG,CLR/CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows N 1.14 0.4 38
L-CAS- TG,LOE180/LOE180/I89 EconoShield Windows Y 0.89 0.34 40
L-CAS-TG,CLR/LOE272/272- GRL EconoShield Windows Y 0.94 0.24 33
Model Brand ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 U-factor (W/m2 – K) Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) Energy Rating
L-CAS-TG,CLR/LOE272/272 EconoShield Windows Y 0.93 0.26 34
L-CAS- TG,LOE180/LOE180/I89-GRL EconoShield Windows Y 0.9 0.32 38
L-CAS- TG,LOE180/CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows Y 0.96 0.36 39
L-CAS- TG,LOE180/CLR/LOE180- GRL EconoShield Windows Y 0.97 0.33 37
CAS-TG,CLR/ CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows N 1.29 0.4 35
CAS-TG,LOE180/ CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows N 1.11 0.36 36
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/I89-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.21 0.19 24
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE366/CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows N 1.09 0.16 25
Model Brand ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 U-factor (W/m2 – K) Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) Energy Rating
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/ CLR/LOE272 EconoShield Windows N 1.09 0.23 29
WEATHERSEA1CA1LOE180/ LOE180/I89-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.1 0.26 31
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/I89-SDL EconoShield Windows N 1.17 0.22 27
CAS-TG,LOE180/ CLR/LOE180-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.15 0.33 34
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/ CLR/LOE272-SDL EconoShield Windows N 1.13 0.21 27
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/LOE272-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.12 0.17 25
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/LOE180 EconoShield Windows N 1.1 0.24 30
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/LOE180-SDL EconoShield Windows N 1.14 0.22 28
Model Brand ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 U-factor (W/m2 – K) Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) Energy Rating
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/LOE180-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.13 0.18 25
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE366/CLR/LOE180-SDL EconoShield Windows N 1.13 0.15 25
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE366/CLR/LOE180-GRL EconoShield Windows N 1.12 0.12 22
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE272/CLR/I89 EconoShield Windows Y 1.15 0.24 28
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE180/LOE180/I89 EconoShield Windows Y 1.03 0.34 37
WEATHERSEA1CA1 LOE180/LOE180/I89-SDL EconoShield Windows N 1.05 0.31 35

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