Entry Fibreglass Doors

The Beauty Of A Wood Door Without All The Maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

The polyurethane core provides insulating properties that are six times greater than any wood door. In addition, our formula is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) the substance partially responsible for the destruction of our precious ozone layer.

Strength and Durability

Our engineers have developed high quality PVC stiles and rails. The PVC stiles and rails protect all sides of the door from moisture. Unlike wood stiles and rails, PVC stiles and rails do not bow or rot. Furthermore, the PVC stiles and rails provide a full thermal break against even the worst weather conditions.

Genuine Wood Grain Beauty

The superior oak grain provides the warmth and feel of real wood. Whether stained or painted, Designer Arch Fiberglass Entry Doors retain a natural wood grain better than any finish applied to a real wood door.

Door Skin

Our discrete door skins are made of a high impact, compression molded, fiberglass; in addition to being corrosion free, it also resists warping, splitting, bowing and cracking.

Genuine Oak Grain

The superior oak grain finish provides the warm texture of real wood and the feel of authentic wood without all the disadvantages connected with naturual deterioration

Wood Lock Block

Our extended full length lock block easily accommodates today’s wide selection of handle sets and allows for a variety of locks and deadbolts.


Our doors are available in several distinct colours, and may be ordered pre-stained or even pre-painted. You can rest at ease knowing that if re-staining or re-painting is desired the next application will be as accommodating as the first and the finish will last far longer than if it were placed on a wooden door.

Polyurethane Core

The polyurethane core injected into each of our doors provides insulation six times better than wood doors. As our focus turns to environmental friendliness, it should be noted that our formula for the polyurethane core is CFC free.

PVC Foam Profile Rails

Our renowned engineers have developed a high quality PVC Foam rail which, unlike a wooden rail it shields against moisture and rotting. Not only this, but the new rail also allows for easy trimming.

Fiberglass Stiles

Fiberglass Stiles provides a full thermal break against Mother Nature’s toughest weather conditions without the disadvantages of using actual wood. Our stiles are carefully chosen to match the wood grain of each door so as not to affect its natural wood appearance.

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